Our Vision

To be the Most Preferred Express Parcel Service Provider
with a Special Consumer (2C) Focus.



DTDC UK is a subsidiary of DTDC Express Limited – India's largest parcel delivery network. DTDC Express Ltd. was founded in 1990 and has more than 25 years of operating experience, with presence in over 10,000 locations. We are a strategic partner of DPD Group, an International Parcel Delivery Services Company owned by GeoPost. Building enduring and close ties with the customers is our priority and we pride ourselves in offering a broad range of services to our esteemed patrons. We have an efficient team of employees and associates whose hard work and dedication have not only helped us emerge as an internationally recognised courier service provider but also have been instrumental in creating a strong value system that is palpable in our work culture and services.

DTDC's first international expansion took place in 2000 and today we have direct international presence in over 21 countries including Singapore, US, UK, Canada, UAE, China and Australia. We operate through our associates in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Hong Kong, Kenya & Israel.

Our delivery and shipping services offer a wide range of options to give the customers the freedom to select the kind of service they would prefer to send their parcel to its destination on time. They can choose from Premium, Express and Economy services as per the requirement. We are an expert in cross-border e-Commerce trade and to meet the growing challenges of this industry, we have deployed cutting-edge global applications, which are easy to integrate and provide the highest level of real-time visibility. DTDC offers pick-ups, consolidation, offshore warehousing, line haul, customs clearance, DDU, e-fulfilment services, last mile delivery, COD services, importer on record, RTO management, marketplace listing services, sample showrooms and B2B2C models. We are also setting up Local Hyper Services, PUDO and Intelligent Express Parcel Locker systems.

DTDC UK started its operations in 2006 and within a short span of time the company has emerged as one of the well-known international courier companies in UK. If you are looking for an international shipping company in UK that offers excellent logistics and international e-Commerce solutions, trust DTDC to offer you the best in terms of cost and service.

DTDC –A leading parcel delivery company in UK

DTDC, the largest parcel delivery firm in India, after its huge success in the nation, is now extending its services to UK.

The history of DTDC goes back to 1990, which is when the company first started its services. Having come far, DTDC has gathered more than 25 years of experience of operations in over 10,000 locations. The brand also identifies itself as the strategic partner of DPD Group, an International Delivery Services Company, maintained by GeoPost.

DTDC as a brand first started its international expansion in 2000 and has thus far reached to more than 21 international destinations including US, Canada, China, UAE, Australia, and Singapore. As one of the top-notch parcel delivery companies in the world, we also function via associates in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Hong Kong and Israel.

With so many achievements under its belt as a parcel delivery firm, the company prioritizes the establishment of close and long-lasting relations with its customers. The brand recognizes its vast array of services as one of the significant reasons that helped it acquire esteemed patrons all around the globe.

We also applaud our hard-working and dedicated team of employees and business associates who have not only helped create a strong value system but also made DTDC a well-known freight company in UK and the rest of the world.

Why make DTDC UK your courier company?

Having started operations in 2006, DTDC established itself among the top courier companies in UK, in a very short span of time. Presenting outstanding international e-commerce and logistics solutions, DTDC UK brings the best of cost and services to anyone looking for a cheap international parcel delivery company in UK for both large and small goods.

At DTDC UK, we offer customers with an expansive range of delivery and shipping services to meet their varied requirements. We maintain Economy, Express and Premium parcel service options in UK to aid customers in getting their couriers delivered to their destinations on time. Customers are free to choose which service they would like, depending upon their urgency.

As experts in cross-border e-commerce trade, we employ first-rate, easy to integrate global applications that besides meeting the growing challenges in the industry also offer high levels of real-time visibility.

As a premier courier company in UK, we offer a multitude of services, including pickup, offshore warehousing, consolidation, customer clearance, line haul, e-fulfillment services, DDU, last mile delivery, importer on record, COD services, RTO management,  sample showrooms, market place listing services as well as B2B2C models.

Customers can also look forward to PUDO, Local Hyper services, and Intelligent Express Parcel Locker Systems, which we will soon be adding to our offerings to augment DTDC’s parcel services in UK.